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Dulken (Attributed)

An anonymous 18th-century fortepiano restored in 2006

Another view of the anonymous Viennese or South German fortepiano. Now concert ready.

The Viennese action of Nannette Stein Streicher, circa 1800.


Grand piano in rosewood, serial number 17150, built in 1885 by Carl Bechstein, Berlin, Germany . Restored in 2001


Professor George Damp performing on the Lawrence University Broadwood.

A Beethoven-period pianoforte by John Broadwood, restored for Lawrence University.

Removing the shattered Broadwood belly rail.

A Chopin-period pianoforte by John Broadwood, London


Giacomo Sievers

Giacomo Sievers nameboard


An unusual grand piano built in 1822 by Muzio Clementi now located at the Granger Homestead and Museum in Canandaigua, NY.

Stefania Neonato, Great Great Great Grandchildren of pianomaker Muzio Clementi, and Edward Swenson

Ithaca Piano Company

The complete duplex system of the Ithaca Piano. The strings resonate in sympathy with the strings struck by the hammers in the front.

The restored action of the Ithaca Piano.

The Ithaca Piano ready for return to a museum in Ithaca.

The ruined action of a Wegman, Henning & Co. upright piano manufactured in Ithaca, NY

The Ithaca piano action covered with bird droppings.

Square Pianos

An anonymous square piano with Viennese action, restored for a private customer.

An anonymous square grand piano, 1820.

Schiedmayer & Söhne - front panel

Schiedmayer & Söhne - side view

Schiedmayer & Söhne - painted corner

Schiedmayer & Söhne - inside


Another restored Bösendorfer from the mid-19th century.

A early Bösendorfer fortepiano, restored for Cornell University.

Collard & Collard

Collard & Collard piano restored with all original parts.

Collard & Collard before restoration.


A rare Johann Baptist Streicher fortepiano with English action.

Another view of the 1843 Streicher restored in our shop.


Fortepiano by Mathias Jakesch restored for the Beethoven Center at San José State University


Early Viennese tools.

An original machine for installing brass capsules.

A special machine for drilling and pinning Viennese hammershanks

A special, original tool for triming the beak leather of the Viennese action.

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