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All instruments are for sale.

If you are interested in any of these instruments, please contact us.

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Restored Historical Pianos For Sale

Conrad Graf #1389
Johann Schiedmayer & Sons
Ignaz Bösendorfer
Ludwig Bösendorfer
Erard (Paris)

Historical Fortepianos

  • Conrad Graf Concert Fortepiano, Opus 1389, Date of Manufacture: Vienna, Circa 1825

    Nameplate: rectangular printed label: CONRAD GRAF/ kaiserl: kön: Hof-Fortepianomacher/in WIEN/ nächst der Carls-Kirche im Mondschein No. 102. Stenciled on the soundboard: *OPUS*/1389/ A/ Wien/ CONR. GRAF;

    Keyboard Range: CC-f'''', 246 cm long, 125 cm wide, 64 cm corpus thickness.

    The book-matched, walnut-veneered cabinet rests on three, column-like legs. The front legs are connected by a stretcher carrying the lyre and pedals. The cheeks of the cabinet curve inward toward the player. There are four pedals: keyboard shift, bassoon, moderator and damper lift.

    The original hammers, dampers and moderator are original and in excellent condition. The structure is in excellent condition with no warping. The instrument is tuned to A=430.

    Conrad Graf was the most famous piano builder in Vienna in the early 19th century. His instruments were owned and admired by Beethoven, Robert and Clara Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt and many others. Price available on request.

    3/4 view
    Name plate
    Soundboard stencil
    Damper rack
    Pinblock and damper rack
    Strings and case
    Open and on stage
    Closed case
    Side view
    Name Plate
    3/4 view (in the shop)

  • Johann Lorenz Schiedmayer & Sons Tafelklavier (table piano)

    Manufactured in Stuttgart, circa 1845. Keyboard range: CC to g'''', perfect ebony and bone keyboard. The decorated cherry cabinet has the Latin inscription:

    Musica Disparium Dulcis
    Concordia Vocum Pello
    Levo Placo Tristia
    Corda Deos

    [Music, the sweet harmony of disparite voices, banishes sorrow, lightens hearts, and appeases the gods.]
    Piano-Forte Fabrik
    Schiedmayer und Soehne
    Nr. 3099

    This unique instrument was probably commissioned by a noble family whose female members may be represented in portraits, along with floral designs and musical instruments that are painted on the instrument.

    There are four decorated, hexagonal legs, 1 brass pedal attached to a lyre, and a partial cast-iron frame.

    The dimensions are: 188 cm long, 82 cm wide, corpus width 31 cm, total height 86.5 cm.

    Completely restored to playing condition. The instrument has a crisp, clear sound and an excellent bass.


    Restoration complete. The photos below show the beautiful cabinet before restoration.

    New Photos as of November, 2015
    Schiedmayer - Full 3/4 view
    Schiedmayer - Under lid
    Case painting
    Corner painting
    Music desk

  • IGNAZ BÖSENDORFER (1794-1859)

    Seven-octave concert grand fortepiano with a Viennese-action (Vienna, c. 1850). Signature inlaid in brass on the name board: K.K. Hof & Kammer [Austrian Double eagle] Piano-Verfertiger/Wien. Number 3881. Perfect ebony and ivory keyboard. Lovely book-matched burl-walnut cabinet. The hammers and dampers are original. 7' 8" long, 47" wide. Fully restored. This instrument is featured on the Harmonia Mundi recording of Johannes Brahms's Horn Trio, op. 40 (HMU 907037). Provenance: Lambach, Austria.




  • LUDWIG BÖSENDORFER (1835-1919)

    Concert grand fortepiano, number 6241, Vienna, circa 1862. 7' 8" long and 55" wide. The cabinet is mahogany with the maker's name inlaid in brass on an ebony wallboard. Signature on the fallboard: Bösendorfer. On the soundboard: L. Bösendorfer/Kais. Bras. Hof Clavier-Macher/Medaille/General Excellence of Pianos/1862 Londini/Honoris Causa/6241 Provenance: A castle near Udine, Italy. The inner rim is in maple. Simple, elegant mahogany cabinet with elaborate music desk.


    3/4 view Front/keyboard

  • ERARD (Paris), Concert grand piano

    Concert grand piano in ebony, serial number 53906. Date of Manufacture 1880. 8' 1" long by 4' 6" wide. Two pedals. Seven-octave keyboard. AAA-a''''. According to the Erard records, the instrument was sold at the factory in Paris to Ms. Marguerite Blum on 23 April 1880. Signature on the Soundboard: Pare Brevet d’Invention/Seb. & Pre. Erard/13 & 21, rue de Mail/Paris; Signature on the Fallboard: Erard/

    Brass Medallion on the front part of the top:

    Exp. Univ. de Paris
    Medaille D'Honneur

    Completely restored: The original hammers were re-felted in Paris, new Erard dampers, new strings and tuning pins. A superb instrument with a powerful, clear and pure tone.


    Photo of the restored piano

    Erard type 2 concert grand in ebony from the 1878 catalog     [8.5x11" scan]

If you are interested in any of these instruments, please contact us.

All instruments are for sale.

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