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Modern and Historical Pianos Restored, Bought, and Sold
Services for Modern Pianos

  • Rebuilding, Restringing, Refinishing.
  • Local and Long-distance piano moving.
  • Soundboard and bridge repair.
  • Soundboard and pinblock replacement.
  • Action and damper regulation and rebuilding.
  • Refelting of original hammers, retaining the old moldings.
  • Restoration of ivory and ebony keyboards using period ivory.
  • Key bushing with felt and leather.
  • Installation of new hammers, hammer shanks and flanges, using only the finest imported replacement parts.
  • Restringing using the appropriate music wire (iron, steel, brass, stainless steel).
  • Custom-made bass strings for modern and historical instruments from our own workshop using the appropriate wire.
  • Insurance appraisals.

Services for Historical Instruments

  • Restoration of historical pianos and fortepianos, preserving all original parts.
  • Restringing of historical instruments. (Historical instruments must not be restrung using modern music wire.)
  • Photo-documentation and a technical report of all procedures and results.
  • Historical research and documentation.
  • Consultant service for individuals, museums and universities.
  • Hand-made action parts for obsolete and historical instruments.

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